By: Majd Shweikeh
How many times do we get overwhelmed with small stuff here and there, how many times do we find ourselves out of focus on the right things, how many of us have a clear vision and know exactly where is he or she... More »
By: Dr. Aninda Chatterji
Four years into education in the UAE, after thirty years in various parts of the world, I am confronted by a thought provoking situation. The UAE has some of the world's best schools in terms of infra-structure,... More »
By: Alison McLaughlin
Healthy employees are the key behind every successful business. Since many employees spend more than half of their waking hours at work, companies are slowly starting to realize the important role of Wellness... More »
By: Fatima Martin
“How on earth do you wake up your son in the mornings?” This tweet was from my son’s teacher who accompanied him on an educational trip. The message bolstered my views on the key attributes of school trips, mainly... More »
By: Arab Business Review
In today’s fast progressing information era, numerous countries are focusing on knowledge creation and advanced technological development—together termed as ‘Knowledge Economy’.  In order to remain competitive in... More »