By: Arab Business Review
When Apple launches a new product, it does so with the intention to disrupt an entire industry, and Apple Watch will be no different (Tim Cook said earlier this year “Apple aims to be the best, not the first, with... More »
By: Arab Business Review
As discussed in our previous article on renewable energy in Middle East, the region has come alive to the idea of adopting renewable energy and solar energy is the form of renewable energy which most countries are... More »
By: Sherif Taha
One of the challenges that face any economy is its unemployment percentage and the MENA region is not an exception; where these rates are not only high…But unfortunately increasing! Unlike most people claims;... More »
By: Laila Al Jassmi
Health Tourism is increasingly becoming a successful investment strategy in the west and far-east countries. Governments have supported this sector primarily for its anticipated contribution to the development of... More »
By: Jesus Blanco
We all remember the triumphant "Oreo Moment." From the US to Saudi Arabia, brands are preoccupied with finding that one pivotal moment of glory in the new media space that grabs everyone's attention. Are we ready... More »